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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Last updated on February 3rd, 2021

The protection of your privacy is very important to us. Therefore we make sure, that our offers and services stay transparent, personal and reliable. For this reason, we tell you why we use cookies in our cookie policy.

Cookies or an HTTP Cookie is a small piece of data stored by a site in user’s computer as a browsing record. Purpose of cookie is to track user browsing on site, commenting, subscribing or any kind of similar interaction with the website. Pages you or any other user of website visit during their session help us determine which page, review or product you would like most. Also on the basis of these cookies information, we detect bad guys too, and method is always kept in secret to keep those guys from defacing our systems. will save these cookies in your browser while you are in interaction with our site. When you visit our site we save cookies information like your session id, internet address(IP), location attributes like country, state or city etc. We can also keep track which pages you are visiting and which other pages you visited during your session on our website. Later, By using cookies we’ll improve our services, user experience, client experience and above that our own experience. As far as the age of the Cookies is concerned, our cookies took maximum 30 days to expire.

Deny or delete Cookies

There are several methods of hindering or restricting the use of cookies on your device. For more information, consult the help function of your browser. More details about the deletion or denial of cookies and information about cookies in general you can find at website.

Please note that some functions of our website might not work properly, if you deny the use of cookies.