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Autodesk Inventor Professional 2020 contains a complete set of flexible tools for 3D mechanical design, product analysis, tooling, custom design, and design data exchange.

Buy Autodesk Inventor Professional 2020 and it helps you go beyond 3D with digital prototyping technology, based on a highly accurate 3D model! Inventor's digital prototyping technology can improve product quality, reduce development costs, and accelerate time to market. Let's take a closer look at how this release will qualitatively change the life of designers.

What's new in the Autodesk Inventor Professional 2020

New interface

In this release, Inventor introduces a new light interface theme with revised lighting styles and icons. New graphical presets now significantly reduce display customization time. The developers have added property panels for the Extrude, Rotate, Shift and Carve commands - all of which will positively affect the functionality, productivity and flexibility of modeling. Support for simultaneous work on multiple monitors has also been implemented.

Increased performance

Improved performance when panning, scaling, and rotating large assemblies with many selected components. In addition, the speed of changing the visibility of components when using saved views and object filters has been increased. In the part environment, the speed of generating patterns has been increased, which in turn leads to an increase in the speed of generating associative patterns of components in assemblies. In drawings, the time for creating additional views and sections has been reduced, and the dialog for displaying hidden lines has been simplified.

Collaboration improvement

Inventor 2020 continues to support SolidWorks and has updated import and export tools for CATIA, JT, Parasolid, and Rhino. In addition, the latest update allows you to access the generative design technologies implemented in Fusion 360. The association with the Fusion 360 team and the AnyCAD technology allows you to directly insert a component created using generative design into Inventor.

Modeling commands

The part environment now includes tools for detecting and selecting sketched geometry, including closed paths and regions formed by overlapping geometry or sketched blocks. The Relationships dialog box now displays sketch blocks used by model elements. The Nudge command has also been improved to allow you to add or remove geometry by nudging a solid along a path. A new command "Unfold" has been added, which allows you to get a flat unfolded group of adjacent faces. It allows you to flatten faces that cannot be processed with the flatten command for sheet metal parts. When working with a flat pattern, a heat map is displayed, allowing you to see the areas with the maximum and minimum tension. You can specify the segments to be kept linear.

Improved frame generator

Now, in the dialog box, you can configure the default values for the file names of all elements of the frame generator, including the rules for forming the names of stub files. On the property bar, you can find commands for creating multiple seams and frames, and you no longer need to select an additional option to work with multiple elements at the same time. The Embed command has improved options for creating custom notch profiles, and for pipes, the Perpendicular Cut option has been added to create a laser cut profile. The lengthen and shorten command now allows you to specify asymmetric offset values, and the trim command allows you to select which side of the element to remove or retain. Editing the model is made easier with the ability to select multiple profiles in the Remove Break Line Shape command. Added a command to create caps and plugs.

Improvements based on user suggestions

Inventor 2020 now provides a read-only mode where you can view any Inventor file even without a license. This is useful if you want to share the composition of an item, let people take measurements, and view dissected views to people who do not have Inventor installed.

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