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Autodesk Revit 2019 is a software program that allows a designer to create a building information model (BIM). A great opportunity to collaborate on a project improves the quality of decisions made. The Revit families contain information not only about geometric examples of elements but also contain a huge number of parameters used at different stages of an object's life cycle. Thus, the three-dimensional model becomes useful not only at the design stage but also at the construction planning stage, construction and operation stages.

Revit 2019 New Features

This technology has great prospects, so buying Autodesk Revit 2019 today is a profitable investment in the design and construction business. So what are the improvements in this release? Let's take a closer look.

Double fill patterns.

This version implements a function with which you can complement the foreground color and fill pattern. With background fill patterns, you can immediately assign background color and fill patterns. Now your project documentation will be more readable and in line with your industry standards. In addition, the model will retain the double fill pattern even if you export it to AutoCAD and then again to Revit.

Support for viewing on multiple monitors.

In previous versions, it was not possible to place project views across multiple screens. To do this, we had to open a second copy of Revit, which significantly slowed down the work. But in this version this function is implemented. Optimize your workflow by spreading views on your second monitor.

Display and change levels in 3D views.

Adding levels while working in 3D view remained impossible. But now you can activate the visibility of the levels in the Visibility / Graphics menu. After that, you will have access to such functions with levels as moving, changing and deleting.

Docking preview.

Improve your workflows by docking individual views to the locations of the drawing area you need.

Improved tab views.

In this version of the program, you will be able to have multiple tab in the same window to combine tiled views.

New OR condition for rule-based view filters.

In earlier versions, it was possible to create filters only using AND conditions. This was quite time consuming, as many different filters had to be created. However, you can now save time by using OR conditions and grouping filters into one rule.

Improved handling of perspective views.

Use the deactivation of the crop region in perspective views in this version of Revit. With this function, you can navigate in a perspective view in the full window. Also, when duplicating a perspective view, a function has been added with which camera position and zoom are automatically transferred to a new view.

Improved Split tool for railings.

Now you no longer need to copy and paste the railing and modify both instances to create independent path sketches. With the Split tool, you can split railings just like you used to do it with walls before.

Work with curved elements.

Now you don't need to draw 2D lines over the curved elements to cut out the curved object. This version of Revit allows you to dimension curved objects using points, edges and curves.

New assets for materials in models and families.

Improve the viewing and rendering of images with new physical assets. For each category, new appearance assets have been added to the Physical Assets menu, which will allow you to create more realistic visualizations.

Download Revit 2019

Order and download Autodesk Revit 2019 to get great software at a low cost. And start enjoying the main distinguishing features of Revit are:

  • Parametric modeling. The heart of building component design in Revit is parametric components. The design intent can be implemented both at the level of simple elements and at the level of assemblies.

  • Collaboration in real time, where each participant in the workflow can work on the project simultaneously within the model from the central repository.

  • Consistency of changes in all elements of the model, thanks to the function of bi-directional associativity. Change information is automatically updated throughout the model.

For the relatively low cost of Revit 2019, you get a full-featured solution that combines architectural design tools, engineering systems design and building structures. Order Autodesk Revit 2019 at SixPenceSoftware Software Shop to take your design quality to the next level!

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