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Autodesk AutoCAD 2021 is the latest version of the world's most popular CAD system. CAD is a computer-aided design system designed to create flat or volumetric drawings of parts or other projects and all accompanying documentation. Today, the solution occupies a leading position in its field and is used by specialists around the world. Such widespread use of AutoCAD is due to its wide functionality and well-thought-out interface. Among the advantages of choosing a licensed version of AutoCAD, one can single out reliability, a large set of advanced tools, constant support and updates, as well as an excellent companion in any business related to design, construction, production, development of spare parts , mechanical engineering, etc.

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What's New in AutoCAD 2021

Let's take a look at what new features have appeared in this version.

Mark clouds

Revision clouds are now a separate item. All their settings can be done through the properties panel.

Compare Drawings

Now, if you have an external link loaded and there have been any changes in it during the work, then it is enough to update it through the external links manager and all changes made on this link will be displayed as circled revision clouds.

DWG Magazine

Now you can view and compare previous versions of a file saved in the cloud storage DropBox, Onedrive and Box. Version differences are also highlighted and outlined with revision clouds. In the log list, in addition to the modification time, the author who made the changes to the file is also indicated.

Crop and Extend Commands

The Trim and Extend commands have become smarter. Now it is not necessary to select the element for the extend / cut border. It is enough to select the part of the line to be extended / shortened, and the border will be selected automatically. If you want to return to the old option for trimming / lengthening elements, then you can use the TRIMEXTENDMODE variable and set its value to 0, the new option, respectively, to 1.

Break at point command

With the new BREAKATPOINT command, you can now reuse the Break At Point tool on the ribbon by pressing ENTER. This command directly splits a line, arc, or open polyline into two objects at a specified point.

Measuring areas and distances

With the help of the command "Measure" - "Fast" you can now get the area and perimeter of the space bounded by geometry. In addition, you can select multiple spaces while holding down the SHIFT key and get the total area and perimeter for all spaces.

Improved block palette

Thanks to improvements to the Block Palette, you can now access up-to-date block libraries from anywhere using Autodesk Account and DropBox, Onedrive or Box cloud storage. Now the library of blocks can be synchronized with the cloud storage, so they will always be kept up to date when working from any device.

Other improvements

Also, graphics performance has been improved in both 2D and 3D modes through the use of new technologies. Now working with 2D drawings and 3D models will be smoother and faster.

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