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Welcome to our SixPenceSoftware Software Shop, where you can buy licensed CAD software at great discounts. For example, you can order perpetual Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 license at the lowest price in one click!

AutoCAD has long become the most popular CAD / CAM software, and it allows you to work in both 2D and 3D views. Due to its maximum accuracy and performance, this program has long been used to create 2D drawings, documents, 3D models and renderings.
AutoCAD 2017 version has established itself as quite stable and not very demanding in terms of hardware. And now this software version can be ordered at a very competitive price! Of course, it lacks some of the improvements that are available in the next versions, but it is very comfortable to work with it. So, what are the benefits introduced in Autodesk AutoCAD 2017:

  • Convert PDF files to DWG objects.
    Work with text, lines and bitmaps with PDF Import. By the way, now you will find your bitmap images saved in PNG format in the 'PDF Images' folder.

  • Ability to share designs online.
    Design View Sharing lets you share your design with a select audience by hosting it on the cloud server. It is also possible to send 3D models to the Autodesk Print Studio, specifying the required specifications for the final product.

  • Quick shortcut commands for centering.
    With the CENTERMARK and CENTERLINE commands, you can easily demark the center marks and center lines. It is also possible to specify precise locations on an attached coordination model using Standard 2D endpoint and center object snaps.

  • Ability to Migrate Custom Settings.
    A very handy feature if you have worked with a previous version of AutoCAD before. Transfer your custom settings from the previous version in AutoCAD 2017 version in a few clicks and don't waste time customizing Templates, Shapes, Plot Files, and other settings.

  • Improved 2D graphics (compared to the previous version)
    This version implements the visual quality of linetypes quite well, as well as the pan and zoom operations work quite quickly and clearly. We can say that for the 2017 version, 2D graphics are at the highest level!

In addition, do not forget about other functionalities that you can use when ordering AutoCAD 2017.
This software is designed to prepare documentation for the design. AutoCAD 2017 significantly speeds up the work of design organizations, providing the release of documentation and detailing. To do this, the software package provides a number of tools, implemented technologies for increasing productivity. Collaboration is enabled by TrustedDWG tools, as well as on-premises, cloud and mobile solutions. AutoCAD software is designed for Windows and Mac platforms.

Purchase and download AutoCAD 2017 from SixPence Software Store to streamline your workflows. By the way, now you have a unique opportunity to order Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 with a big discount by going to

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    , AU
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    Of course, the product is quite expensive, but it is still cheaper than the annual subscription. Moreover, as they told me, that now the manufacturer sell only them, so I was lucky to find the box for my working needs! I am very happy.

  • user
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    Good prices and conditions for the purchase of software, fast delivery, friendly and correct staff. I have made the purchase here twice, and I am satisfied twice. Thank you for the quick response to all questions and suggestions.

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    After the release of this operating system enough time has passed for that all existing bugs in it have been completely fixed. By purchasing the operating system I have completely protected my laptop from malicious software, because all the equipment I have is original. I advise all users to use the system. The only thing that I want to recommend, because it is after you install this version of the operating system, to accelerate the work purchase and install a new service pack. The rest of the system works just fine.

  • user
    Orillia, CA
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    Use is on any type of Windows you like and it will work flawlessly. Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019 comes with a full license and easy installation. I managed a very good price at these guys and I am grateful for that. They even gave me 1% extra discount for my first purchase on their online store.

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    I always buy here the software for the work, and they have never failed me yet. The time from the payment to the delivery of goods is minimal. There is a personal discount. There are qualified specialists on the phone, Maybe everybody knows about the software)) Thanks for being there!