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What is Autodesk ME Collection?

Autodesk Media & Entertainment (ME) Collection 2021 is a set of programs that allows you to create 3D animation with complex simulations, rendering and effects. Autodesk ME Collection 2021 is an excellent solution for creating high-quality cinematic works, as well as for developing and designing games, thanks to its wide range of tools. So, with Arnold, you can create both different creatures and reproduce detailed combat scenes. And Bifrost for Maya helps the user to create complex effects such as snow, fire and explosions.

Purchase cheap legal product keys and get a wonderful collection that will take your business to the next level! After all, Autodesk Media & Entertainment (ME) Collection 2021 will give you the following capabilities:

  • Hire the best artists for the job with hiring flexibility.

  • Give artists access to a wide range of creative 3D tools.

  • Output more high-quality renders.

  • Run Bifrost on up to 15 machines and use scalable simulation.

Purchase Autodesk ME Collection 2021 cheap software licenses, and you will significantly save on core products cost than if you bought these products separately. In addition, you also get 4 additional tools to create characters and sketches, and capture reality.

What is included in the ME collection?

Bring your creative ideas from sketch to final shot with the following Autodesk Media & Entertainment (ME) Collection 2021 products:

3ds Max

This software in its arsenal has a set of tools for creating the most complex 3D models intended for use in multiplication, computer games, films, and it is also an excellent tool for creating motion graphics objects. This is a collaborative 3D modeling, animation and rendering solution that accelerates the creation and rendering of realistic 3D designs of industrial products, freeform objects, characters and 3D environments.

Autodesk Mudbox

This product designed for digital 3D sculpture and digital painting. Autodesk Mudbox gives you the freedom to create without worrying about technical details. Mudbox is developed by game, film and television professionals. It has an intuitive interface and an extensive set of templates and brushes to create highly realistic 3D characters, compelling environments and stylized objects. Get everything you need to quickly design highly detailed organic and inorganic 3D models!


This is a modern software for real-time 3D animation creation. It is mainly used in the creation of video games, in the field of cinema, on television. A programming interface is included in MotionBuilder. Some functions can be programmed and scripted in Python. Add movement and animate objects without leaving the program. Thanks to its high performance and functionality, MotionBuilder surpasses its counterparts, and thanks to the advanced synchronization functions with Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage makes the possibilities endless.


This program is a powerful weapon for 3D animators, film and television workers. Maya is appreciated for its huge range of tools for animation, texturing, and creating a variety of special effects. It intelligently implements the function of rendering ready-made models: the program is equipped with four built-in renderers, in addition, it is possible to install various plugins, including V-Ray. Enjoy the ability to work with the dynamics of hard and soft bodies, ease of texture mapping and convenient UV mapping.


Use this state-of-the-art high-tech rendering tool with the most advanced Monte Carlo ray tracing technology to date. Arnold allows users to perform almost any type of work - architectural visualization, studio visualization of equipment and the creation of computer graphics for films, advertisements, computer games, etc. The program provides fast and high-quality rendering, support for multi-threaded processes, it also supports the OSL language, and offers effective shaders for detailed rendering of various types of textures. Arnold software is used by a huge number of design companies and film studios, and the graphics in many modern films have been implemented using this solution.


Use this raster editor to create artwork quickly. Capture your inspiration and design ideas in drawings with this app!

Autodesk ReCap Pro

This powerful 3D scanning and design system for industrial and civil buildings has become a must-have tool for engineers and designers of all stripes around the world. Take advantage of its key feature - the ability to laser scan an object and transfer it into three-dimensional space.

Character Generator

It is a great solution for digital character creation, dramatically reducing the time it takes to create custom, animation-ready 3D characters. Take control of a character's body, face, clothing and hair, and create custom characters for use in popular animation packages: Maya, 3ds Max, as well as gaming systems such as Unity.

Autodesk Rendering

Create high-resolution renderings with computing power in the cloud with Autodesk Rendering without the need for expensive hardware.

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