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Autodesk Revit 2021 includes features for architectural design, mechanical, electrical and plumbing, structural design and construction and is available as part of the Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection, providing a complete solution for the entire team. In one Revit subscription, you'll find tools to help you with MEP, architecture, and structural design.

Autodesk Revit 2021 software for BIM now supports multidisciplinary teams throughout the project lifecycle more efficiently than ever. Purchase Autodesk Revit 2021 with genuine license keys to take advantage of new features and enhancements in this software.

New features in Autodesk Revit 2021:

  • Slanted walls. Creating sloping walls using the "Section" option. Angles in the range from -90 to +90 degrees are created by the parameter "Wall cutting".

  • Improved views. Updated graphics, automatic exposure, accelerated navigation on the views.

  • Generative design. Make more informed decisions and increase your integration speed through the automation process. There are samples that are ready to use or adapt to Dynamo. This makes it possible to study the solutions and options of the project, taking into account all the dependencies and goals.

  • Upload and link raster and PDF files. This functionality increases the efficiency of working with 2D-documents of users who do not participate in the BIM process. You can associate images or PDF files with a 2D view from a cloud or local folder.

  • Lines alternate in specifications using sheet types. For the best difference of lines in the specification there was a possibility of adjustment of color of lines in the form of a sheet. You can choose the color at your discretion.

  • Advanced set of built-in Revit categories. Autodesk InfraWorks and Revit support the process of creating public constructs. Bridge design support has also been improved. 26 categories of models and 20 categories of annotations in the filter of infrastructure objects.

  • View filters. Instead of removing and adding, view filters can now simply be turned on or off in the Visibility / Graphics dialog box.

  • New parameter for cavities "Cut geometry", which determines whether the cavities will cut the intersecting geometry in the family.

  • Visibility of coordinates of linked files. Simplified work on coordinating linked files. You can now see the internal origin of the associated models in the main model, the shooting point, and the base point of the project.

  • Improved work with Dynamo. Dynamo Revit 2.5 is automatically installed with Revit. Also added 10 new Dynamo nodes.

  • New standard 3D forms of rebar shapes. Possibility of modeling of racks and other 3D rods. All data can be extracted for placement in specifications. 3D rebar shapes are determined by rotating the bends at the ends of the bars.

  • A new type of connection using stiffeners for detailed modeling of steel structures.

  • Improved the process of working with elements of engineering systems, which makes the workflow more productive and consistent.

  • Single-phase two-wire line-neutral panelboards to support distribution systems outside the United States.

  • Support for references to P&ID drawings found in BIM 360 Docs when collaborating with users working in Plant 3D.

Buy Revit 2021 with Autodesk product keys and increase efficiency with standard BIM workflows:

  • Simplify design processes with standard BIM workflows.

  • Improve design quality and reduce potential risks by automating workflows.

  • Track results more effectively with integrated project planning and scheduling.

Get more orders with BIM technology with Revit 2021:

  • Get the opportunity to participate in projects with the mandatory use of BIM technology.

  • Introduce clients to your projects better using 3D modeling and visualization tools.

  • Share project data with other Revit and AutoCAD users.

Get Revit 2021 discounted at and get 100% working software with cheap legal product keys! Also, Revit 2021 users now have access to all the enhancements and features that were previously available only to Autodesk subscribers in the 2020 version.

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  • user
    , AU
    Overall rating:

    Of course, the product is quite expensive, but it is still cheaper than the annual subscription. Moreover, as they told me, that now the manufacturer sell only them, so I was lucky to find the box for my working needs! I am very happy.

  • user
    Stipe H.
    Eindhoven, NL
    Overall rating:

    Having used AutoCAD for two decades now, it's safe to say I'm not moving away from it. I bought the license for the LT version because I still find it the best for 2D technical drawings of any kind. Got the discount and everything, and it's still my go-to software even when I plan on finishing the project elsewhere.

  • user
    , CA
    Overall rating:

    After the release of this operating system enough time has passed for that all existing bugs in it have been completely fixed. By purchasing the operating system I have completely protected my laptop from malicious software, because all the equipment I have is original. I advise all users to use the system. The only thing that I want to recommend, because it is after you install this version of the operating system, to accelerate the work purchase and install a new service pack. The rest of the system works just fine.

  • user
    , CA
    Overall rating:

    I always buy here the software for the work, and they have never failed me yet. The time from the payment to the delivery of goods is minimal. There is a personal discount. There are qualified specialists on the phone, Maybe everybody knows about the software)) Thanks for being there!

  • user
    Keijo S.
    Brightwater, NZ
    Overall rating:

    Received a great discount for Autodesk Inventor Professional 2020 and I am very glad I chose this seller. The discount is quite important if your budget is tight. Also, I had 0 problems in downloading or installing the software. The 3 years subscription is awesome and I personally recommend this program to any designer or engineer out there.