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This software package combines information modeling technology (BIM) and CAD tools for effective planning, visualization and engineering calculations. This complex solution is fully functional and allows significantly improving the quality of development and implementation of projects.
Program provides powerful building information modeling technology and tools for efficient production of working documentation, modeling, project visualization and collaboration. It gives ability to make projects both in CAD and with the help of BIM technology.
Functional features of Autodesk Building Design Suite Premium 2017:
1. Buildings planning and documentation edition:
- Full-featured CAD program. High-powered CAD tools based on AutoCAD.
- A powerful program based on BIM technology. Creation of intelligent 3D buildings projects in Revit.
- Viewing and editing of point clouds. Clearing, ordering and visualization of data.
- Introduction of scanned 2D data. Editing scanned drawings and plans in AutoCAD.
2. Joint project elaboration of buildings:
- Improved collision detection function in integrated models. Quick and effective search for potential collisions in project and their elimination.
- Identify and eliminate collisions. Combine several models into one file.
- Improved teamwork based on BIM technology. Work more productive with Revit program.
- Quick release of working drawings.
- IFC certification and networking. Collaborate work with designers using files of other types.
3. Calculation and analysis of buildings:
- Determining the cost of electricity and the cost of the life cycle of the building.
- Study and visualize the results.
- Faster and more exact lighting calculation.
- Powerful tools for quantitative analysis. More rapid and accurate definition of the quantitative characteristics of the project model.
- Modeling of structures.
4. Visualization of buildings:
- 3D visualization tools. Creating visualizations of buildings.
- A program for creating 3D presentations. Demonstration of project ideas in 3D.
- Cloud visualization.
- Checking of project using Navisworks Manage. More complete control over the planning results.
What's new in 2017 version:
- Instruments of building yard planning. Implement planning solutions for building yard directly in Revit.
- Coordinate BIM with AutoCAD 2017. Perform modeling in context with integrated Navisworks models.
- Insight 360 - optimize exploitative building characteristics. Thanks to Insight 360, architect and design teams receive centralized access to technical parameters and advanced analytical algorithms.
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