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Autodesk AutoCAD 2019 is the world's most popular CAD environment, chosen by many developers as the basic graphics platform for creating mechanical engineering, architectural, construction, geodetic programs and engineering analysis systems.
Despite the fact that this is the 2019 version, it has great functionality for a fairly low price. So buy AutoCAD 2019 and enjoy its new capabilities:
- Updated user interface and icons
The work with high-resolution monitors has been improved, and themes for toolbars and tool palettes have been integrated, etc.
- Adding DWG Compare for industry-specific objects when working with Architecture toolset.
- Improved performance.
You will be able to process external files more efficiently and faster with AutoCAD when it is in very slow access locations.
- Improved sharing.
You can now use extracting turned off and frozen layers in layouts in collaboration.
You can also showcase your designs to colleagues and clients. With this, you will not need to send them the drawing files, but simply send them a link that they can view in a web browser. This is implemented using The Shared Views feature, which will extract design data from your drawing and then save it in the cloud. This allows your clients and colleagues to view the design of your drawing, as well as leave comments for your review.
- Lightweight work with The UI Finder
Save your time because finding a team just got easier. After all, the helper has now been added to most of the dialog box topics.
- Fixed bugs and defects from previous versions.
- Work with AutoCAD on any device with Internet access.
Open and save your drawings online with Autodesk Web & Mobile. You can work from desktop as well as from web or mobile devices.
Starting from this version it is impossible to purchase a new subscription for any "vertical" version of AutoCAD, they are all replaced by a single AutoCAD product (One AutoCAD).

By purchasing a subscription to AutoCAD 2019, you now have access to basic AutoCAD 2019, a set of 7 specialized tools (Toolsets), to the AutoCAD web application and to mobile AutoCAD (10 products in total).

In fact, we get a set of AutoCAD and seven "vertical" products based on it:

  • AutoCAD

  • Architecture (formerly AutoCAD Architecture)

  • Mechanical (formerly AutoCAD Mechanical)

  • Electrical (formerly AutoCAD Electrical)

  • Map 3D (formerly AutoCAD Map 3D)

  • MEP (formerly AutoCAD MEP)

  • Raster Design (formerly AutoCAD Raster Design)

  • Plant 3D (formerly AutoCAD Plant 3D)

In other words, it is now impossible to buy one product from the AutoCAD family, but you can only buy everything and at once in the form of a set, as now it can be done with other products within the industry collections, and earlier it was possible to do it within the Suits.
By the way, in SixPenceSoftware Store you can purchase the legal version of AutoCAD 2019 with a discount of up to 50% of the price on the official website. Order Autodesk AutoCAD 2019 from now to make your workflows faster and more productive!

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